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About ShoutLegacy

ShoutLegacy is more than an expert creative agency.  ShoutLegacy is a team of professionals that walks with you every step of the way to help create the WOW your business deserves.

ShoutLegacy enhances business through creative design that stimulates your customer’s senses, influences customer behavior and creates unique user experiences that convert casual lookers into raging fans.

Through our unique business process of brand creation, we construct your branding legacy one brick at a time with five supporting pillars that strengthen every business we support.

Integrity. Credibility. Trust. Longevity.

You are our first priority. When were done working with you, you will be able to engage your customers, inspire them and cause them to connect with your vision. It’s not about us; it’s about you and your brand.

About ShoutLegacy - Branding + Design

We design identity systems, digital platforms and brand campaigns that engage today’s consumer.

Mission Statement

Drive extraordinary value into every client’s creative identity.


Our commitment to you is to be on time, on budget and to go above and beyond your expectations.


We say what we do and we do what we say. It may be old fashioned but we think the world needs more of it. We only make agreements with you that we are capable of and willing to keep.


Joe Sanchez

Founder & Principal

Joseph Sanchez is a seasoned internet business strategist who has used the net to generate major revenue growth for his clients. With more than 10 years of experience in applying the intricacies of SEO to projects of all stripes, Sanchez has become an expert in online reputation management leading a team of 25 employees onshore who were backed up by an overseas team of 15-25 developers. Sanchez and his group were instrumental in protecting the reputation of as many as 100’s clients per year.

Sanchez is a skilled project manager grounded in technology and creative production. He has a broad array of experience in Open Source Technology. Sanchez also understands the synergies of printed collateral as a powerful gateway to web offerings.

Joseph saw the SEO potential of business blogs and social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter and began incorporating them into his quiver of tactics long before they became major attractions on Wall Street.

Since 2000 Joseph has worked as a technology consultant serving a broad array of clients to create, design, write and implement strategic and integrated communications campaigns. These campaigns have included building creative team leadership and the nuts and bolts of online marketing.


Nicholas Thompson

Business Development

Nick Thompson has served both individual and institutional clients in the financial services industry over the past four decades.  He has guided his clients through all of the highs and lows of the market to assure their financial stability.

Through rigorous study of the markets and his firm commitment, Nick has served both as a Registered Representative and as a General Securities Principal. His proven success in financial analysis, consulting and business planning along with his determination drove him to the founding of Groupmark, LLC.  Nick’s proprietary business systems allow his staff to interface smoothly with the heads of public corporations and the investing public.  Groupmark assists corporations that enter public markets and provides them with a network of executive professionals, foreign market listings and most importantly access to capital to that could not be obtained elsewhere.

Nick personally specializes in reverse mergers and capital market consulting to corporations as well as stock trading with individual and corporate clients through his proprietary trading system.  His proprietary trading focuses on short-term trading models that allow for low-risk, low margin and high return day trading.

Nick in association with ShoutLegacy also provides independent management consulting to small and medium-sized businesses, focusing on the development of strategies for product launches, executive placement, business modeling and meeting all business funding requirements.

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